Why Binotto has left

We do not forgive anything to anyone, so you do well not to forgive anything even to Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari


For the Tifosi, for the Rossa.


We would like to precise that this campaign has born with the aim to demand the best for the Scuderia, fully respecting anyone we are going to take into consideration.

Main purposes

We believe that the figure of Mattia Binotto has been crucial in a purely technical way since the Schumacher era until now, seeing as how his engineering abilities can't be discussed.

However, the Team Principal role that he is nowadays performing, for what has been demonstrated firstly with the results obtained on the track because of the several and unbelivable errors committed by the people who is leading, and because of the often unrespectful declarations towards the Tifosi, that since more than a decade are waiting for the Rossa to be back at the top in the world championship, it's not suitable for Binotto.


DriverPoints with strategy mistakesPoints without strategy mistakes
Verstappen258 248
Leclerc178 (-80)221 (-27)
Data up to the Hungarian gran prix

Numbers are clear: without the pitwall mistakes (about strategy and drivers management) in Monaco, Silverstone and Budapest the win of the world championship would have still been possible before the summer break.

Unbelievable strategy mistakes

Perchè Binotto deve andarsene Monaco Grand Prix

Leclerc starts 1st, Sainz 2nd. At the checkered flag they will be respectively 4th and 2nd in Monaco: a track in which is impossible to overtake and with a faster car.

Binotto admitted the estimation mistakes in the post race interview but he started repeating phrases such as "It will be a lesson to learn", "This team's desire is to grow". Yet we will see with the continuation of the season that it won't be.



Great Britain Grand Prix

Sainz loses his position from Verstappen because of an error.

Ferrari with a totally inadequate drivers managament and with a completely wrong strategy in Sainz's favor, messes up with Leclerc's race, who was still engaged in the title fight.

Binotto in the post race interview said:

A really deserved fourth place for him, result of external circumstances“,

Referred to Leclerc

He denies the mistakes made during the race and justifies the strategic choice related to Leclerc in the next press conference in Austria, stating that it was the same one used by Hamilton in Abu Dhabi last year and that "nobody criticised it". Nobody told Binotto that Lewis has lost the championship because of that strategy.

Post race in Silverstone, how much is frustating for us, the Tifosi, seeing this scene after the incredible maneuvers of Leclerc and the inappropriateness of the pit wall?



Hungarian Grand Prix

Ferraris, started 2nd and 3rd are 4th and 6th at the checkered flag, both behind Verstappen and Perez who respectively started from 10th and 11th.

An early pit stop fo Sainz (made to avoid the fight with Leclerc, and so troublesome choices) forces Ferrari to choose a strategy with Leclerc that wasn't even expected by Pirelli, going for a three stop, and mounting the wrong tyres, the hard compound to protect from Verstappen who was 6th at that point, despite the fact that those tyres weren't already working properly on the Alpine.

"We are not worried by the pace of Verstappen, it is good as ours"

Binotto interviewed at lap 26

"I don't think it is a strategy problem, the car today wasn't fast"

Binotto during the post race

Binotto lies knowing that he is lying.



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